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How We Take Our Tea

Everyone takes their tea a little differently, around here, this is how we do things.


Life is boring if you only listen to people that have the same perspective. On this podcast we accept tea of all kinds without judgement.


Life is better together. We’ve all agreed to lift each other up and continue connecting. Welcome to the party!


We like our tea pure. That means authentic conversations and honest answers. Just remember, someone’s truth might be different than yours and that’s okay.

With Love

Trolls - this one’s for you! We lead with empathy and compassion. Try it, it feels much better I promise.

The Latest

Get To Know Our Guests

Ali Judy

An Ayurvedic counselor and yogi who helps us find balance through practical lifestyle choices.

Listen to Episode #1 for more!

Natalie Jones

A charismatic boss babe who quit the corporate world and jumped into the life of entrepreneurship.

Listen to episode #2 for more!


I’m Sara, figuring it out like the rest of the world. You know, live a healthy lifestyle, take care of my mind and body, live in the moment, tap into creativity, be happy. And I have a lot of questions, so I decided to ask the experts and share our conversations with you. My strategy in life is to stay open and explore new ideas. I like to see if something resonates with me and adapt it or find out it doesn’t work for me and ditch it. 

Offline you can catch me watching the latest on Netflix, reading strictly personal development books or fiction, baking cookies, or spending time with my fiance and 5lb Yorkie Chihuahua, Rocket in the Colorado mountains. 

Come say hello on IG :wave:

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